Places to Visit in Houston During the Holidays

Places to Visit in Houston During the Holidays

Looking for culture, food, attraction, and fun? Houston has it all! Moreover, it is home to the famous Space Center Houston. From Museums, green spaces to a mix of big city life, there are many signature places to visit in Houston, TX. Undoubtedly, it is a great destination for holidays.

Some amazing places to visit in Houston include,

Space Center Houston: One of the Must-see places to visit in Houston

Space Center Houston is the guest center for NASA’s Johnson’s Space Center. It is a huge complex. There are 100 buildings, 3,200 workers, and more than 100 astronauts. Moreover, it served as mission control for,

  1. Gemini
  2. Apollo
  3. Skylab
  4. Apollo-Soyuz
  5. Space Shuttle missions

Additionally, inside the center, one can,

  1. Get a peek inside America’s first space station
  2. Touch a rock from the moon
  3. know about NASA’s upcoming missions

Therefore, some popular destinations of Space Center Houston Include,

  1. The Rocket park
  2. The Neutral Buoyancy Lab
  3. Independence Plaza
  4. Space Capsules
  5. Lunar Module
  6. Robonauts
  7. Mars Yard
  8. Mission Control
  9. Mural: The Next Giant Leap (Painting)

Truly, Space Center Houston is one of the unique places to visit in Houston.

 Houston’s Museum District: One of the educational places to visit in Houston

The Museum District is Houston’s greatest cultural attraction. It comprises 19 districts. Furthermore, eleven of these districts are free. Some highlights of the museum include,

  1.  The Museum of Fine Arts
  2. The Houston Museum of Natural Science
  3. The Children’s Museum of Houston
  4. The Menil Collection
  5. The Holocaust Museum
  6. The Contemporary Arts Museum

It is one of those places to visit in Houston at night. However, there are other attractions. Some of them are:

  1.  Hermann Park
  2. Houston Zoo
  3. The Miller Outdoor Theater

Moreover, there are museums that visitors can enter for free. Such as,

  1.  The Menil Collection
  2. Rothko Chapel
  3. Lawndale Art Center
  4. Moody Center for Arts
  5. Houston Center for Photography, to name just a few

 Buffalo Bayou Park: one of the fun place to visit in Houston

This 160-acre green space is a masterpiece. Buffalo Bayou Park is the home too,

  1.  Walking and biking trails
  2. dog parks
  3. Relaxation
  4. Beautiful sculptures

Moreover, visitors can rent a kayak, canoe, or paddle boats to enjoy the bayou. However, the park offers more. Some popular attractions include,

  1.  Beth Yeshurun Cemetery
  2. Stages Repertory Theater
  3. Guava Lamp
  4. Cozymeal
  5. Bayou bend collections and gardens
  6. The Music Box theater
  7. Houston Symphony
  8. Alley Theater
  9. Art Car Museum

Undoubtedly, it is one of the relaxed places to visit in Houston.

The Houston Zoo: One of the starry places to visit in Houston

The Houston Zoo is one of the city’s popular attractions. Primarily, it has more than 6000 indigenous animals. It is set on 55 acres, Hermann Park. Furthermore, there is an education center and a children’s zoo. Some main activities include,

  1.  Feeding the giraffes
  2. Seeing marine life
  3. Watching sea lions
  4. Paddleboat trip
  5. Enjoying a stroll

However, there is much more to see. That includes,

  1.  The Houston Museum of Natural Science
  2. The Miller Outdoor theater
  3. The Japanese Garden
  4. McGovern Centennial Garden

It is, literally, one of the best places to visit in Houston.


Houston offers fun, recreation and entertainment. As a result, it has become an exciting tourist destination. Although this list falls short of mentioning all the places to visit in Houston, it is an amazing place to unwind.